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Robert Cesarini
Vice President
(215)643-3322 ext 1202

-          I have been with West German for 34 years. I have enjoyed learning all aspects of the business in a great environment. I have been blessed to have the best mentor and even more so a great father to lean on. I have 3 beautiful daughters and a wonderful wife that I cherish each day. Avid sports fan and car collector.

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Nicholas Tosti
General Manager
(215)643-3322 ext 1213

Having been with BMW for over 2 decades, Nick joined The West German Team in 2010. Over his time in the auto Industry, Nick has always relied on his honesty and integrity to build long term relationships and deliver clients a premium experience. The team at West German has been a recipient of the prestigious 'Center of Excellence" award which is awarded to very few centers across the nation.

Nick loves being outdoors; enjoying exercise, ice hockey, and days at the beach. He lives in Newtown PA with wife Debbie and their 3 sons. 

Randi Nilsen
(215)643-3322 ext 1245

-          I was Born in Norway and have been in the car business for 40 years. I have a strong passion for a variety of different kind of sports. West German is a great place to work and I love coming to work every day.

Richard Lanci
Service Manager
(215)643-3322 ext 1227

I have been working for West German BMW for 3 years plus and have been working for BMW 14 years plus. I enjoy being a member of the WG team because of our family culture



Jim Foster
General Sales Manager
(215)643-3322 ext 1215

I've been in the Automotive industry for 22 years and with BMW for 17 .

I enjoy training and racing triathlon and especially the post-race beer with friends!

When I'm not working I enjoy spending time with my Wife and three Daughters there always seems to be a activity were heading off too .

Jeremy Golis
Sales Manager
(215)643-3322 ext 1260

-        I have been with BMW/MINI product line in both sales and management for 15 years, and a sales Manager here at West German BMW for the past 2 years. As an advisor, I was nationally recognized for high volume and customer service, earning the distinguished Masters Council Award 3 years straight.  I take pride in motivating and working with our client advisors to provide the ultimate experience for our customers and making West German a true Center of Excellence. Its our employees that set us apart

-        I enjoy camping with my wide and kids, vacationing in Maine, country music, tinkering with anything that has an engine, woodworking, grilling, fishing, and even dabble in a little running when I feel like it. I enjoy nothing more than a delicious craft beer or a good cup of coffee.

Nevin Horst
Pre-owned Sales Manager
(215)643-3322 ext 1242

-          I have been in the car business since 1993 and West German since 2009. I enjoy spending time with my wife and kids. I love to attend my kids sporting events, and Phillies game. I also really   appreciate working for a family owned business.

Mike Prince
Client Advisor
(215)643-3322 ext 1270

-          My name is Mike Prince. I have worked at West Geramn BMW for many years. I enjoy helping people decide which car they want to purchase. In my spare time I like to cycle, read and be with my family.

Ed Fallon
Client Advisor
(215)643-3322 ext 1203

-         Hi My name is Ed Fallon! I have been in auto sales since 1973 and with West German BMW since 1999. My hobbies include bicycling and anything that has to do with being outdoors!  

Franco Dambruoso
Client Advisor
(215)643-3322 ext 1238

-          Hi my name is Francesco but I go by Franco. I have worked with WG since 2008 and worked by way up to sales in 2013.  I have been rewarded the profiles of achievement in 2014 and 2016/ I am a true car enthusiast and Philadelphia sports fan.  I enjoy spending time with family and friends on my free time.

Greg Urban
Client Advisor
(215)643-3322 ext 1207

-          My name is Greg Urban, and I have been with West German for 10 years. I have been a car enthusiast since I was 3 years old.  My father put me in his Galaxy 500 and forgot to strap me in. Well I proceeded to pull the emergency break lever and I drove the can through the neighbor's house. Car enthusiast, most definitely.   

Edward Salloum
Client Advisor
(215)643-3322 ext 1271

Dennis Callaghan
Clien Advisor
(215)643-3322 ext. 1206

-          I have been working at West German for a year and a half now. I have lived in this area for 30 year. Have been an avid sports fan since birth. I have personally had multiple BMWs from West German prior to working here.

Ryan Whiteman
Client Advisor
(215)643-3322 ext 1246

-          My name is Ryan Whiteman. As a client advisor for West German BMW my job is not to close a sale, but to open a relationship.

Dave Reedman
Client Advisor
(215)643-3322 ext. 1205

-          Hi I am Dave R. I have been at West German since 2002. I started in sales in 1965 and have been serving clients ever since. I enjoy driving and selling the ultimate driving machine.

Bryan Gustie
Client Advisor
(215)643-3322 ext 1237

-          I have been working with WG since August 2007. Consistently recognized by BMW as a top performer in sales and customer service. I enjoy traveling, spending time with family and have a strong passion for golf.

Ashlee Walton
Client Advisor
(215)643-3322 ext 1211

-          Hi I am Ashlee. I am a peoples advocate… I believe you are only as great as they way you are able to treat one who can do nothing for you. I desire to exceed expectations on what a buying experience should be! - Ask for Ashlee

Barry Yudiski
Client Advisor
(215)643-3322 ext 1209

-          I am very passionate about the BMW product. I am also passionate about making people feel comfortable and relaxed. I am a musician, when I am not helping customers make the perfect choice with their BMW. I am teaching the guitar and writing songs. My goal is to give you the best sales experience you have ever had.

Stephanie Cesarini
Strategic Marketing
(215)643-3322 ext 1225

- Hi my name is Steph! I graduated from West Chester University in 2016 and am a big Flyers fan. I enjoy being creative and coming up with way to promote West German BMW. I have a pug named Miley who I treat as if she is my own child.

Steve Lynch
BMW Genius
(215)643-3322 ext 1256

-          I've worked at West German BMW for 4 years. I am really into cars and video games. I used to be on a bowling team for 3 years. I don't eat cheese, which everyone makes fun of me for.

Troy Pearlman
(215)643-3322 ext 1256

-          My name is Troy I am part of the genius program here at West German BMW. I enjoy playing basketball, baseball, hockey and football. I have been working with cars for about 3 years, since then I have found a new passion for high end vehicles. I am glad to be apart of the team here at WG.

Molly Danemark

I have worked here at WG as the receptionist for a little over a year. I really enjoy talking to our wonderful customers and assisting them in anyway that I can. I also have a passion for art and music and in my free time I love walking around center city and hang out with friends. 

Courtney Sadegh

-          My name is Courtney and I am new to WG BMW. I enjoy working with the staff and helping others. I have a background in psychology, but I am very excited to start working in the automotive field. My favorite place to be is at the beach and with my family. I am a big animal lover as well!   


F & I

Craig Gilmore
Finance Manager
(215)643-3322 ext 1212

John Kolb
(215)643-3322 ext1214

I have been in the automotive business for over 25 years in both sales and finance. I am a father of 3 kids and one golden retriever. I am also an avid Philadelphia sports fan



Patrick Lordi
Service Advisor

-          I have worked in the automotive industry for 5 years. Everyone who knows me knows that I am a huge Chick Fil A fan and an apple nerd. I have a wonderful family that I love to spend as much time as I can with. My hobbies include studying about WWII, anything outdoors and anything relating to technology.

Gary Koval
Service Advisor
(215)643-3322 ext 1217

-          WG service advisor for 17 years

Santo Hannawacker
Service Advisor
(215)643-3322 ext 1219

I have been working in sales since 1999 and enjoy working with the public. I have been working at West German for approx 5 years. I enjoy spending time with my family and my hobby of working on old cars. My wife and daughter and I love to travel and are always heading somewhere. 

Leonard Linch
Alternate Trans
(215)643-3322 ext 1234

-          Hello my name is Leonard Linch. I have been working for West German for 10 years. I am a retired Bucks County Paramedic. My hobbies include fishing and watching formula 1 racing. I love Wildwood and the beaches. I am married with 2 children, 4 grandsons, 3 stepsons and 4 step grandchildren

Kate Crandley
Appt/Lease Return
(215)643-3322 ext 1204

-          Kate Crandley currently serves as fixed operations retention manager at West German BMW. Having spent over 7 years with the WG family, split between sales and service, she is a true utility player capable of blending the needs of both departments together. In addition to WG, she is active in the local community as a Girls on the Run coach. An ideal day off is spent in Avalon, NJ on the dock with her bulldogs, Rose and Angus.

Berj Yeretzian
Appt/Service Advisor
(215)643-3322 ext 1220

I have been with the WG service team for about 18 years now. I have an amazing son (Alec). We love to ride and work on cars, motorcycles and ATVs. I love any outdoor activities and all types of music. 

Samantha Suanez
Service Administrator
(215)643-3322 ext 1240

-          Hi my name is Samantha Suanez. With over 7 years of experience I look forward to assisting you. Stop by and check out our great selection and our fabulous team!



Matt Eisele
Parts Manager
(215)643-3322 ext 1231

-          Hi, I'm Matt Eisele. I have been with West German for over 20 years and love selling parts. That's about it.



Natalie Lange
Business Development Executive
(215)643-3322 ext 1262

-          Hi there! I started working at WG in January as a BDC Coordinator, and it didn't take long before I received the "Awesome Sunshine" reward. Just kidding, that's not a reward here…but it should be!



Mario Cesarini Jr
Office Manager
(215)643-3322 ext 1226

-          I've been in the car business for over 40 years. I have worked for West German BMW, the family business for over 19 years along side my father and brother.  I am married with two daughters and five wonderful grandchildren. When not spending time with my children, I enjoy time outside, running and traveling. I have a degree in graphics and fine arts and with that I enjoy drawling and painting.  West German BMW is a very big part of my life and I enjoy both the employees and the customers.  My name is Mario but received the nickname "Rusty" when I was little… it's a long story!

Eva Gilette
Title Clerk
(215)643-3322 ext 1224

-          I have worked at West German for 8 years now. I have a strong passion for sports and yoga. During my free time I love spending time with children and family.

Meike Ragland
Accounts Receivable
(215)643-3322 ext 1233

-          I am from Germany and used to work for a BMW dealership in Germany. I love dogs and traveling around the world.

Susan Delong
Accounts Payable
(215)643-3322 ext 1233

-          I love to travel and enjoy spending time with family and friends

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